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When love, passion, and magic unite Drip is the end result. Produced by the singer-songwriter herself; Lexi Lemonade gets highly experimental — blending melodic harmonies, cultural percussions, and a little rockstar magic to create a timeless, magical musical experience. Elevate your vibrations, confidence and mood with Drip!



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"Get a Taste of My Lemonade” 


The soothing vocals and eclectic sounds of Lexi Lemonade is one reminiscent of a tall glass of Strawberry Lemonade with a touch of vodka. It’s sweet, it’s intoxicating , fulfilling, yet always leaving you wanting more. 


While enrolled in college, Lexi found inspiration out of a necessity to create and began producing demos out of her bedroom. This led to her finding passion in music and developing herself into the artist she is today. 


Lexi Lemonade is a multi-dimensional artist, based in New Jersey who isn't afraid to step outside the box. Her debut single “Drip” was featured on various platforms such as Women of Substance radio, Chill pill radio, Women in Music & more.

Lexi Lemonade is set to release her second single from her upcoming EP, November 2020.

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